Why Shouldn’t I Do This?

17 Apr

Your sitting there on your death bed in the hospital.  A doctor comes up to you and says “I have a free pass that will let you live for ten more years”.  The only way that this pass could be used is if the near death person did not start smoking marijuana.  This is a very ideal thing in that doing something that causes harm to you can end your life a lot shorter than what it could be.  So the question is, why do people start smoking marijuana? For fun? To be cool? To escape problems?  These are all bogus answers and should not be the reasons why someone would start doing something harmful like this.  Once many people start using and abusing this drug just for fun, there could be no way out of it.  It is much more healthy and real to have fun doing activities while not under the influence.  No one and nothing should be controlling you besides yourself.

Here’s what you could be convinced to do.